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Hi, it’s me, Kim.

I’ve been telling myself the same story for a long time. I thought it’d be great to hear some new ones. I have always been a closeted writer.


After I became a mother, I wrote a letter to myself and a teacher mailed it back to me a year later. It changed everything. Everything I wrote I never showed to anyone but now I’m sharing it with the vibe of ‘my story shall set me free’ and with the hope that it could help another mother along the way.

I love hearing people’s stories and I love writing. Even if it’s not perfect or published I think our stories, our triumphs and disasters hold value. I think if we can all share our perspectives on motherhood it will amount to something. I want to collect, preserve and archive all of our stories in motherhood. It will serve as living, growing piece on what motherhood looks like today. A space where we re-establish and create our own village. Where telling our stories matter. It feels like pencraft with a purpose to me.

I think a mother’s creative force is found in the collective. I hope you’ll find this space cozy and comforting, a way to spark a nourishment commitment to yourself while paying it forward to other moms. A place where we can educate ourselves, pass knowledge along, have a laugh or a good cry. To know we aren’t alone. Happy storytelling!


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