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Noun / noht-kin / English. 'A little note'

We, as Mothers, are storied

Let us write the village by preserving our narratives

A story library for Mothers

Born from a desire to unite Mothers in a meaningful and simple manner, NoteKins offers a community for Mothers through storytelling. A dedicated space for sharing our narratives and contributing to a collective 'Story Library,' where our journey towards forging a new and contemporary village is archived.

affirmation notes to moms
stack of books filled with diverse stories.

Our vision is a shared community where stories are exchanged and listened to, facilitating reconnection with ourselves and fostering connections with one another. We chronicle our stories by actively contributing to an ever-evolving document capturing our collective narrative.

The antidote for the disconnected village is a storied future. Growth is our mission. Chronicling Motherhood is our goal.


Authentic Connection

Notekins fosters genuine connections among Mothers, creating a supportive community that celebrates the diversity of Motherhood.

Share your story


Notekins amplifies the voices of Mothers, inspiring personal growth and collective
empowerment through shared, archived experiences. Our stories actively
contribute to a living document that encapsulates our modern village.

Story Library

Archival Legacy


Events and Gatherings

Notekins elevates the voices of Mothers, fostering individual development and communal empowerment by fostering connections through shared narratives. Reserve your complimentary ticket for our upcoming in-person event by sharing your own story.

Sign up to receive updates for our next gathering here.

Real-Life Connections

For centuries in most cultures women have grown, nurtured and birthed babies with the knowledge handed down through generations of Mothers. Today, there is a disconnect in this system. Mothers are not getting the support they need or are craving.


Letters bond; voices echo

4 horizontol old books
letter envelopes

Start Here

Not sure where to start? Begin by composing a letter to yourself. Here's how:

Address and stamp the letter to your future self, and pour your thoughts onto 1-3 pages, reflecting on your hopes, dreams, fears, and future advice for your forthcoming phase of Motherhood


41 Watchung Plaza

BOX 306

Montclair NJ 07042

After you're done, send the letter to the assigned PO Box. I'll return it within a year.

Start Here

Embrace. Connect. Thrive.

Mothers can join to exchange letters or audio stories, which will be curated in our 'Story Library,' enriching our communal narrative. Anonymity respected upon request.

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